tips-from-frugal-billionaires (no, not me sillies!)

A great little article for all you frugal ones out there!

Quite amazing, esp that Carlos could spend in 13 minutes what a minimum wager earns in an entire year!?!

via tips-from-frugal-billionaires: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance.

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Lynlee lives on…

breakaway by kelly clarkson (1 of many of \"Lyn\'s songs\")
I can honestly say, I miss you the same yesterday, today, & forever…
You are always in my heart, thoughts, & mind.
We still speak of & look at you often.
The kids miss you & ask many questions…I sure wish you were here to meet your 3 new nieces/nephew: Zane & the new twin babies, Alexis Lyn & Chloe Lee. They would make you proud, just like Tanner & Anna!
Your legacy lives on.
We will never forget your smile, generosity, amazing spirit, tenacity, giggle, courage, game-nights, love…for family, friends, & kids. You truly are & were one of a kind, NaNa! Life here has never been the same. We miss you like crazy & think of you daily!
xoxo forever sis

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Happy Happy Birthday to You Walt Disney Splashdance

Found at: – FilesTube
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dopey. birthdays

happy birthday, Disney Splashdance style

REALLY wish you were here to celebrate this BIG one with us, girl!
we still gather in your honor each year, since you were such the “party girl.”
i must say, i especially miss the extravagant b-day wish lists months in advance…as well as a host of other things (ie. wanting to be Dopey @ Disneyworld, yep, of all people haha)!
Today is still your special day, & always will be.
the only missing ingredient is you.
i sooooo wish i could’ve called you this morning, awakening you to Disney’s Splashdance version of Happy Birthday (yppah yadhtrib)…(see above link)
See ya on the other side sis…xoxo today & always my angel

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angel…Lyn\'s song

happy, would-be 8th, anniversary lyn & mac!
i know he still misses you & thinks of you as often, if not more, than us!
xoxo forever, angel

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august has arrived

august rush rhapsody….makes me think of my angel, lynleewhat a fly by, huh? in so many ways…
august has multiple meanings around here:
Back to school– Tanner starts KINDERGARTEN!!! holy moly batman!*%#$ (all day @ that!)
Birthdays– Used to be my fave! Cuz’ mine was the 19th & my lil’ sis’ was the 6th…but it is now bitter sweet & has been for the past 4 years.
Anniversaries–Lyn (youngest sis) & Mac married the 3rd.
Deaths–Lynlee passed from this world (as we know it) to a far greater one (as I can hardly fathom) on the 10th.
As each day passes I will expand, really more for my own well-being & satisfaction. However, I’m glad to have each of you along for the journey…as most were integral parts of her life. I long to leave a legacy like Lyn…I love to hear your stories, thoughts, etc. She shared it all, so I follow in her footsteps…I hope I make you proud girl! Cuz’ you never ceased to amaze me/us every step of your amazing journey! xoxo

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get glue (my new WOTW)

here ’tis, my new Website of the Week. care.

free iphone app

still a big fan, fyi…soon to be (bigger & better)

check ’em, along w/ what i’m listening to this moment. a fave.
zero 7 (& lead gal who’s gone solo, sia)

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busy beezzzz

man, i’m def slackin’ on the blog category of late…here’s a bit of my life:
1-my big babe, brad, made his 1st appearance @ work last week, post-op 360 fusion! 6 wks out & goin’ strong! actually feelin’ better & improving daily. he’s up & walkin’ 2-3 times/day for PT since surgery, but nothing more aggressive @ this stage secondary to fusing/healing. thx for all the thoughts/prayers! keep ’em comin’ folks!

4-more work
5-play w/ kids & daddy on weekends,

6-repeat steps 2 thru 5.
Our summer song 🙂

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Alexis & Chloe being born!!!

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Alexis weigh-in!

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